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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mr.Know It All :)

Mr Know It All
well,you think you know it all,
but you dont know a thing at all,
aint it something y'all
when somebody tells you something about you,
thing that they know you more than you do,
so you take it down,another pill to swalllow.
Mr.Bring Me Down
well you like to bring me down?dont ya?
but I aint laying down
Baby I aint going down
Cant nobody tells me how its gonna be
nobody gonna make a fool out of me
you should know that i lead,not follow
ouh you think that u know me,thats why im leaving you lonely
cause baby,you dont know a thing bout me,
you dont know a thing about me.
you aint got the right to tell me
when and where to go,no right to tell me
acting like u own me lately,
you dont know a thing bout me.
Mr.Play Your Games
Only got urself to blame
when u want me back again
but i aint falling back again
lets be clear baby,this is goodbye
i aint coming back tomorrow :)

p/s:this song sangat best-ing..i like it! 

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